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About Bhai AmanDeep Singh Ji

Bhai Amandeep Singh Ji had the sangat of Bhai Sahib Guriqbal Singh Ji  In 1991 and was inspired by him and later took amrit in the same year and became a Guruwala.

From 1994 he decided to stay with Bhai Sahib Guriqbal Singh Ji and from here learned to do kirtan.  

He got married on the 18
th June 2000 to Bibi Gagandeep Kaur (who is also a kirtania herself) and was blessed with a child on the 23rd Sept 2005. She was named Harsifat Kaur. 

He is currently based in Amritsar and from time to time takes the opportunity to travel to every corner in India to do kirtan and parchar and in the past few years have been visiting countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Dubai, Kuwait, Hong Kong etc. to spread the message of the Guru. 

Bhai AmanDeep Singh Ji

Bhai Sahib does not take any payments to do kirtan anywhere when requested to come over. All collection or funds from kirtan programs are donated to 'Mata Kaulan Ji Bhalai Kendar Trust'
in India.

This sewa is carried out by Bhai Sahib Guriqbal Singh Ji and Bhai Sahib Amandeep Singh Ji. Furthermore, they also have plans to build a school and provide the education FREE for those children that come from poor families or have single parent.


Mata Kaulan Ji Bhalai Kendar


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